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Crystal Healing Sessions


Client choose to have Crystal Healing Therapy Sessions for a number of reason. Some of the main reason are for general health and well being,

  • to reduce anxiety and depression

  • to relieve pain such as headaches and joint pain

  • to balance their chakra

  • to remove negativity

It is an ancient holistic  therapy that works with the natural power and energies of the crystals or gemstones to help improve health and well-being.  The belief behind crystal therapy is that individual stones such as amethyst, rose quartz, red jasper, agate and many others have the ability to communicate with the energy flow of the human body and help to realign the energy channels that are interrupting the natural flow of the body and help it heal itself.  The electromagnetic charge within each stone can offer healing vibrations as they work to remove blockages around the body and restore a natural flow of energy.



     Balancing the Chakras

    Balancing the Chakras

     Area Foucused Crystal Healing

    Area Foucused Crystal Healing

    Our Crystal Healing Therapy Sessions include:


     - Chakra balancing is the process of opening, balancing and closing the bodies main seven chakras, restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the main energy chakra system. The effect of well balanced chakras often translates into a feeling of well-being, relaxation, centered, increased vitality and embodiment of oneself.     

    Recommended 1 Session per week, for 2 consecutive weeks

    First Session £45.00 each Follow up sessions are charged at a reduced Price of £30.00                                                                                           


    Concentrates on a particular part of the body or whole body(12 Meridian Lines). Crystals are used to stimulate natural energies in the damaged area to bring natural healing energies to help restore and balance the natural flow of energy helping / stimulating the healing process. Clients mostly use area focused crystal healing for stomaches, joint pains and aches, headaches, swelling, to help with injuries.       


    Recommended 1 session per week with for 3 -4 consecutive weeks

    First Session £30.00 each Follow up sessions charged at a reduced Price of  £30.00                                                              



    - Auras are a vital part of ourselves at times are aura become full of negativity and develop weak spots where negativity energy can leak into our Physical and Subtle bodies effecting our energy centres, resulting in drainage of energy, moods swings, headaches. Aura cleansing repairs these weak spots and rebuilds your aura with a protective shield.

    Recommended 1 Session per week for 2- 3 weeks

    First Session £45.00 each Follow up sessions are charged at a reduced Price of £30.00Follow up sessions are charged at a reduced Price                                                                  

    If you are not sure of the  crystal healing sessions for you or would like to chat please feel free to contact me.